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Sunday- Thursday 8PM
Friday. Saturday 9PM

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Sunday    Sept 16 8PM SummeFallow 

Monday    Sept 17 8PM Chase Spencer Band
Tuesday   Sept 18 8PM Eugene Ripper
Wednesday Sept 19 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  Sept 20 8PM S.K. Wellington
Friday    Sept 21 9PM Lion Bear Fox
Saturday  Sept 22 2PM Prime Time Big Band Returns 
Saturday  Sept 22 9PM Brent Tyler
Sunday    Sept 23 2PM Music with Mandy 
Sunday    Sept 23 8PM Earl Stevenson

Monday    Sept 24 8PM Dan Duguay's What Not Variety Show
Tuesday   Sept 25 8PM Randal Arsenault  
Wednesday Sept 26 8PM Open Mic 
Thursday  Sept 27 8PM TBA
Friday    Sept 28 9PM A Little VooDoo
Saturday  Sept 29 2PM TBA
Saturday  Sept 29 9PM Greg Albright & the Not SoBrights
Sunday    Sept 30 8PM Mocking Shadows<=========NEW

Monday    Oct 01 8PM Oliver Swain<=========NEW
Tuesday   Oct 02 8PM Anderson Burko<=========NEW
Wednesday Oct 03 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  Oct 04 8PM Daniel Champagne
Friday    Oct 05 9PM The Mocking Shadows
Saturday  Oct 06 2PM Prime Time Big Band Brunch
Saturday  Oct 06 9PM Jr. Gone Wild
Sunday    Oct 07 2PM Kinjo on the Mile
Sunday    Oct 07 7PM Woodhouse Big Band

Monday    Oct 08 Closed, Happy Thanksgiving!  
Tuesday   Oct 09 8PM The Skydiggers<=========NEW
Wednesday Oct 10 8PM The Skydiggers<=========NEW
Thursday  Oct 11 6PM Wide Cut Weekend
Friday    Oct 12 6PM Wide Cut Weekend
Saturday  Oct 13 11am Wide Cut Weekend
Saturday  Oct 13 6PM Wide Cut Weekend
Sunday    Oct 14 2PM Pretty Archie
Sunday    Oct 14 7PM Pretty Archie

Monday    Oct 15 8PM Carter Felker Tour Kickoff
Tuesday   Oct 16 8PM Jay Aymar
Wednesday Oct 17 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  Oct 18 8PM Guy Davis
Friday    Oct 19 9PM Tom Petty Celebration
Saturday  Oct 20 2PM Prime Time Big Band Brunch
Saturday  Oct 20 9PM Tom Petty Celebration
Sunday    Oct 21 2PM Midnight Blue Jazz Society
Sunday    Oct 21 8PM Coco Love

Monday    Oct 22 8PM Aiden & the ultimas
Tuesday   Oct 23 8PM Tod Hughes
Wednesday Oct 24 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  Oct 25 8PM Freddy & Francine
Friday    Oct 26 9PM Cabots Crossing
Saturday  Oct 27 2PM The Once
Saturday  Oct 27 9PM Petunia & the Vipers
Sunday    Oct 28 2PM Rattle & Strum
Sunday    Oct 28 8PM JIMMY RANKIN

Monday    Oct 29 8PM JIMMY RANKIN
Tuesday   Oct 30 8PM Dan Duguay's Whatnot Variety Show
Wednesday Oct 31 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  Nov 01 8PM Paul Reddick/Sun K
Friday    Nov 02 9PM Oyster Band
Saturday  Nov 03 2PM Prime Time Big Band Brunch
Saturday  Nov 03 9PM Rosellas
Sunday    Nov 04 2PM Danny Michel
Sunday    Nov 04 8PM Danny Michel

Monday    Nov 05 7PM Fox Big Band
Tuesday   Nov 06 8PM Korby Lenker
Wednesday Nov 07 7PM Jazz YYC
Thursday  Nov 08 7PM Jazz YYC
Friday    Nov 09 7PM Jazz YYC
Saturday  Nov 10 1PM Jazz YYC
Saturday  Nov 10 7PM Jazz YYC
Sunday    Nov 11 1PM Jazz YYC
Sunday    Nov 11 7PM Jazz YYC

Monday    Nov 12 7PM Beakerhead Music & Book Launch
Tuesday   Nov 13 8PM TBA
Wednesday Nov 14 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  Nov 15 8PM An Evening with John Wort Hannam, Steve Dawson & Matt Pattershuk
Friday    Nov 16 9PM Steely Town 
Saturday  Nov 17 2PM Prime Time Big Band Brunch
Saturday  Nov 17 9PM Steely Town
Sunday    Nov 18 2PM TBA
Sunday    Nov 18 8PM Walter Parks with Daniel French

Monday    Nov 19 8PM TBA
Tuesday   Nov 20 8PM Andrea Romolo/ Jesse Dee
Wednesday Nov 21 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  Nov 22 7PM The Amos Garrett Trio 
Friday    Nov 23 8PM Music in the Mountains
Saturday  Nov 24 2PM Bluegrass Sessions
Saturday  Nov 24 9PM Dave McCann & the Firehearts CD Release
Sunday    Nov 25 2PM ARC
Sunday    Nov 25 8PM Little Miss Higgins

Monday    Nov 26 8PM Little Miss Higgins
Tuesday   Nov 27 8PM Dan Duguay's Who Know's Variety Show
Wednesday Nov 28 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  Nov 29 8PM 10th Annual Stan Rogers Celebration
Friday    Nov 30 9PM Micki Free
Saturday  Nov
Saturday  Nov
Sunday    Nov
Sunday    Nov