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Sunday- Thursday 8PM
Friday. Saturday 9PM

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Thursday  November  24 8PM Gordie Tentrees
Friday    November  25 9PM Kirby Sewell Band
Saturday  November  26 1PM Don Yuzwak's Fam Jam
Saturday  November  26 9PM Jack Semple
Sunday    November  27 2PM Woodhouse Big Band
Sunday    November  27 8PM Ethan Cole

Monday    November  28 8PM Prohibition Hall with Steve Pineo
Tuesday   November  29 8PM Stan Rogers Birthday 
Wednesday November  30 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  December  01 8PM Rant Maggie Rant
Friday    December  02 9PM Bill Durst
Saturday  December  03 2pm Big Band Brunch
Saturday  December  03 9PM 24th Street Wailers
Sunday    December  04 2PM 2pm Big Band Brunch
Sunday    December  04 8PM TBA
Monday    December  05 8PM Brother Bicker
Tuesday   December  06 8PM TBA
Wednesday December  07 8PM Open Mic,  CMC Slideshow 
Thursday  December  08 8PM Steve Pineo's Christmas 
Friday    December  09 8PM Steve Pineo's Christmas 
Saturday  December  10 2PM 2pm Big Band Brunch
Saturday  December  10 9PM Steve Pineo's Christmas 
Sunday    December  11 1PM Singsana Christmas Show
Sunday    December  11 8PM TBA
Monday    December  12 8PM Private Function
Tuesday   December  13 8PM Eliza Boyle
Wednesday December  14 8PM Steve Pineo's Christmas 
Thursday  December  15 8PM The Mocking Shadows
Friday    December  16 9PM The Mocking Shadows
Saturday  December  17 2PM Don Yuzwak's Fam Jam
Saturday  December  17 9PM Amy Bishop
Sunday    December  18 2PM Bluegrass Sessions
Sunday    December  18 8PM Tom Olsen & the Wreckage,  Magnolia Buckskin
Monday    December 19 8PM Ben Plotnick 

Tuesday   December 20 8PM Brent Tyler's 5th Annual Christmas 
Wednesday December 21 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  December 22 8PM Alistaire Elliot's Christmas Show
Friday    December 23 9PM TBA 
Saturday  December 24 Closed
Sunday    December 25 Closed
Monday    December 26 Closed
Tuesday   December 27 8PM TBA
Wednesday December 28 8PM TBA
Thursday  December 29 8PM TBA
Friday    December 30 9PM Emily Triggs "Video Release"
Saturday  December 31 2PM TBA

Saturday  December 31 9PM Dojo Workhorse